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Modern Vintage Design

We have to admit; there exists a grey area in the understanding of modern vintage. Many designers have capitalized on this; so much that it has kind of lost meaning. The term has become a cliché in the world of design, and it has become particularly hard to tell what’s vintage and what’s not.

The truth is, there is no clear definition of the term modern vintage. You can only trust your eyes to tell you what is and what’s not.

But if we can look in the eyes of one of the earliest designers, perhaps we can get the true definition of modern vintage. The original designer went for a collection of vintage Tulip style chairs and styles, adding in some woodworks and crisp white walls to keep the look modern.

So, judging from the original design, modern vintage is a mixture of old and new styles. Also, if you can place emphasis on the details and bring in a combination of old and new designs, you could nail the modern vintage design. Try to revamp and reuse the old holdings.

One thing with the modern vintage is, there are no exaggerations, so the look is as low cost as it can get. However, the prominence and elegance are still retained. No wonder its level of popularity is rising nowadays.


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Boutique Design

People are attracted to pomp. It is the surest way of attracting customers willing to spend on the very best. If you own a boutique, there is no way around this. You have to up your game when it comes to boutique designing.

Unlike other aspects of designs and artwork that find strength in vintage, boutique designing is different. A modern look is recommended. So how do you go about this?

The very first thing you have to do is pick a theme. You have to differentiate your shop from the plethora of others along the street. The theme has to correspond to what you are selling. If you have swimwear, then a beach theme, although the style may vary.

Do you have a small space for your boutique? Use this to your advantage by creating an intimate atmosphere. Add soft lighting to complement this intimate space. Place the light strategically on the spotlight products and illuminate from beneath.

When it comes to the design carpet or wood flooring (see semples at, high quality creates an inviting feeling than plain tiles. Do the same in your interior and the storefront.

Use the space creatively. Have a free form layout for the customer to meander around the racks of clothing. What we are trying to do here is encourage them to keep browsing your merchandise.

Homeware Design

We can flex on the best exterior designs we have. But really, it’s the inside that counts. How you personalize your interior speaks volumes. In contemporary society, people are going out of their way and thinking outside the box when it comes to homeware designs. Designs have never been slicker than they are today.

Homeware designs are best when looking for something original. There is an array of accomplished homeware stylish and ingenious designs that can complement your art interests. The maximalist revamp, Italian and Scandinavian simplicity and the fancy safari-inspired designs are some of the creative arts you could choose for your home.

If you feel you don’t have a designer sense in you, that shouldn’t worry at all. There are tons of homeware designers available you could hire to do the job for you. Even for them, that think they have it all figured out, it wouldn’t hurt having a professional perspective before going shopping.

Now, shopping at the comfort of your bed and having the delivery at your doorstep is of many conveniences. But that said you shouldn’t sacrifice the small and independent retailers in your town. Here you can find all kinds of homeware designs both vintage and contemporary looks. More so, you will find that the retailers are experts at homeware designs and could help you out in matching your home to a particular model you fancy.

Lounge Room Design

Applying different styles to decorate a lounge room is very fashionable. Adding leather chairs to the décor is the icing on the cake. Using different décor styles can enhance the leather and create a spectacular visual balance for the lounge room space.

But the truth is, a touch of leather on the sofas, sectionals, and other pieces can feel visually dense. It’s not particularly such a feminine look to your space. But it shouldn’t be about that, instead, achieving a balance with smart layering and accessories that make the leather sofa attractive and comfortable as well.

There is a range of ideas for leather decoration in your lounge room (see many exampels for leather decorations at you can opt to lighten up your space with the traditional leather style. The easiest way to achieve balance with the dark classic leather is to accent it and surround it with plenty of light around for contrast. White accent pillows, a pale wall, and a light coffee table can do the trick

Another idea for minimizing the visual heaviness of the leather furniture is breaking it up. Look for a collected look rather than a matching one. Supplement it with upholstered chairs, and that could be it.

You could also opt to take the focus off the leather furniture and layer the room with other furnishings. A lonesome leather sofa could dominate your lounge room space if you let it. So, try not to. Take the focus away with different furnishings and finishes from bookcases to console tables and end tables. You could also bring in some artworks and living trees that could achieve this purpose.

There are so many ways to distract attention from the leather seats. But at the end of the day, if it brings comfort to your home and your family loves it, then why not embrace it?

Bar Design

A hangout spot is an ideal scene for entertainment at the end of the day, during the weekends and holidays. The bar designer has to determine first, the shape and size of the bar before considering the functionality and the equipment necessary for the success of the bar.

Think about the maximum number of visitors you intend to accommodate in a night. The drink consumption as well, and the customer experience is also integral. Peaks in business could mean no more available space at the front and back. It’s, therefore, essential to emphasize the design.

There are a variety of options to make your bar spacious. The back bar should be presented in such an appealing and logical way. It increases the opportunity for impulse choices and increased sales the front bar, on the other hand, is more practical, the serving room for your staff. Also where customers are accommodated.

Now, even the simplest of designs can have a significant visual impact on your customers. Creative designs are to go with when looking for space for your shelving. Don’t shy off traditional shelving as well. Any model that doesn’t hurt your storage capacity and leaves room for efficient customer service and some room to spare is welcome.

The perfect idea of bar design is a few bar stools and pokie machines. As you can picture it, space should be enough to accommodate this equipment. Bar stools should not be a problem; you can place them at the bar table.

A large, central bar can accommodate a beatifully designed old school pokie machine without a problem (see oprions for old school pokies at If your space is smaller, you have a task of using the room creatively to accommodate the poker machine. Placing it in a corner or perhaps just beside the bar cabinet facing the wall can do the trick for you.